How it Works

First, you order the plan that suits your needs. If our pre-made plans don’t match your exact requirements, you are encouraged to request a quote for a custom plan. We will then review your request and send you the payment information.

Once you place your order, we assign posters to your website. We select the posters based on your forum topic and your specifications, and then provide you with the names they’ll be using to post on your forum. Our posters are experienced, educated, unique individuals. They are people who enjoy forums and are active members on some of the finest communities on the internet. Hence, not only are they proficient at writing, they are also experienced in building thriving communities.

Once the plan is completed, we will email you with an itemized report showing the names of the posters and the number of posts each has made to the specific forums.

If you still have some questions, please feel free to contact us.